Our Origin

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It all started with a spark in the heart of Brenda Lyle, Founder and Executive Director of the Family Learning Center. Growing up in the projects of L.A., Brenda knew what it was like to have limited income, limited tools, limited access, and limited opportunities. The spark began to ignite, and by the time she relocated to Boulder, Colorado, Brenda was deeply inspired to make a difference in the world. Being a young mother of four and feeling the huge responsibility of raising and teaching her own children, she decided to open a preschool for low-income families.

The great need became more apparent as the waiting list grew longer. Many parents were seeking a place where their children could have the opportunity to develop. Brenda didn't want any child to slip through the cracks or be put on hold. Throughout the years, her dream caught fire in the hearts of others, and FLC is now a committed team of people whose common desire is to make a difference in thousands of lives.

Since 1981, the Family Learning Center has provided Boulder County's low-income, culturally diverse children and families the lifelong learning tools for self-sufficiency and success. In this time, we've been fortunate enough to touch the lives of more than 14,000 children and parents who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in public schools, take advantage of employment opportunities, and become positive and productive citizens.