You can be a hero for our kids today!

The Family Learning Center’s goal is to answer the urgent call to stand for our children’s future in this highly competitive, knowledge-based global economy and to rally others to join us in taking proactive steps to ensure that every child has unlimited options to fulfill his or her highest potential in becoming an educated and productive citizen.

In addition, we strive to secure the necessary resources, both in-kind and financial, to provide proven, effective programs that achieve meaningful goals and objectives for our children.

Reach out through an outreach and be a part of making this happen!

Join our Major Donor Roundtable Outreach

  • Our goal is to reach those who have the capability of providing funding for effective programs that build academic mastery of skills, leadership, civic and cultural engagement, and strong entrepreneurial skills.
  • Our plan is to hold one-on-one and small-group presentations for potential donors. We seek to raise $100,000, which will allow the Family Learning Center to provide virtual educational and youth leadership programs for 500 low-income and minority school-age children.

Join Our Parent and Youth Empowerment Outreach

  • Our goal is to reach parents and youth with a comprehensive awareness message on the status of education and the need for parents and youth to make improvements in regard to universal academic and work requirements. We will be using an edited version of Waiting for “Superman” and hosting discussions on the current status of education and what their responsibilities are to prepare for their future.
  • Our desire is to reach at least 500 parents and youth to raise awareness of the importance of high academic attainment and involved citizenship. Ultimately, we aim to help vulnerable children and parents learn skills that will help them secure a valued place within our society.

The cost for food, the movie license, and facility space is $5,000.

Join an Outreach Today!