Our programs are based on courage, collaboration, diversity, equity, integrity and compassion.

Early Childhood Education

The Family Learning Center’s preschool is a 21st century early childhood program committed to equity and inclusion. Our research-based curriculum, Creative Curriculum, is infused with STEAM strategies in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We also offer several programs that introduce children to a variety of experiences in music, health and wellness (nutrition and physical fitness), large and small muscle development, social and emotional learning beyond the daily classroom curriculum. We recognize that personalized learning activities help to develop cognitive, social, emotional and academic skills needed for kindergarten and in success in life. So, we provide:


  1. Two full and part-time preschool classrooms for 3 to 5 year olds.
  2. Hands-on literacy/STEAM based learning experiences
  3. Three nutritional meals per day
  4. Daily opportunities to outdoor play, building friendships, exploring off-site activities to various educational community experiences.
  5. Health and wellness education and comprehensive family support services
  6. Transitional support for preschool children and their families as they enter public school settings

100% of FLC’s preschool students successfully transition into public school with at least 80% mastery of pre-school readiness skills
95% of our preschool graduates graduate from high school
Students who attend high-quality preschool programs reap benefits that can last through school and their lives, according to the Learning Policy Institute.

Comprehensive Family Development

The Family Learning Center (FLC) Theory of Change – Our Roadmap to Empowering Families

This roadmap describes and illustrates the path that leads to our desired outcomes. It allows us to see the process that best yields the results we are aiming for. Starting with our vision, we map out the steps that will allow us to realize our vision from each aspect of the organization from our Board of Directors to the families and the children we serve.

The Family Learning Center (FLC) offers a comprehensive family development approach that positions parents as their children's first and best teachers. FLC recognizes that parent involvement directly correlates with student achievement and is intentional in empowering family members in the education of each student from preschool through adulthood. So, we provide:

  1. Families with research-based programs that are designed to build pathways to greater economic sustainability. This is accomplished through technology, education, career exploration, assistance with basic needs and referral services.
  2. Comprehensive family mentoring programs designed to give parents additional social and emotional support.
  3. Parenting programs that help to increase skills centered on parent engagement and child advocacy.
  4. Families with comprehensive health and wellness educational and physical fitness programs.

90% of FLC parents participating in our family development programs report stronger bonds with their children, less stress and greater abilities to cope with life and family issues.
95% of FLC parents participating in our family development programs report they are better able to help their children in school
Parents participating in family development programs are 49% more likely to move from survival, to thriving including success in school and in life - lead study author Dr. Robert Whitaker, director of the Columbia-Bassett research program at Columbia University in New York City.
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Youth Development After-School and Summer Programs

The Family Learning Center’s children and youth development programs create opportunities that give youth the tools and support they need to thrive in life. Our programs are research based and focus on providing opportunities that promote positive peer, adult, community, and family relationships, strengthening academic mastery of skills, especially those in science, technology, engineering, art, music and math and college and career readiness. We aim to foster positive growth in the areas of trust, hope for the future, self-identity, diversity, equity, self-regulation and self-efficacy.  We know character and leadership development, caring and compassion, and health and wellness education and physical fitness are key to success in school and in life. 90% to 100% graduate from high school and 85% of its high school courses are available through partnership with Boulder Valley School District. So, we provide:

  1. Medtronic afterschool S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art and math) focused activities, academic mentoring, music and art.
  2. Enrichment activities on school off days such as teacher in service days.
  3. Character, leadership, and community service activities
  4. Healthy snacks, health and wellness activities, and physical fitness
  5. Comprehensive six-week S.T.E.A.M summer camps including new backpacks and school supplies for elementary and secondary students
  6. Family support services and case management services
  7. College prep assistance
  8. Equity-oriented activities designed to address the lack of representation in STEAM among low-income and marginalized populations.
  9. Under resourced parents with an understanding of STEAM learning to help them support and guide their children.

2022 Boulder County and State Numbers for Low-income/Latino Students

FLC Boulder County Colorado
High School Graduation 95% 83.7% BVSD
84% SVSD
95% of the youth that participated in the summer STEAM camp reported an increased interest in STEAM and STEAM fields.
85% demonstrated increased knowledge in STEAM fields as well as principles and concepts associated with STEAM such as problem solving and logic and critical thinking skills.
In 2022, thanks to a generous two-year grant from Medtronic, the FLC implemented a science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) focused summer youth program and weekly STEAM focused activities in our afterschool program during the 2022-2024 school year.
According to sciencenews.org, "Black professionals make up only 9 percent of STEM workers in the U.S. — lower than their 11 percent share of the overall U.S. workforce.
The representation gap is even larger for Hispanic professionals, who make up only 8 percent of people working in STEM."
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Health and Wellness Education Program

The Family Learning Center understands race and income often predict health and education outcomes for youth and their families, so we:

  1. Integrate research-based nutritional and physical fitness activities into existing programs to improve health outcomes.
  2. Take a unique multi-generational approach which gives us a greater chance to break the cycles of poor health including inactivity, unhealthy eating, and sedentary lifestyle choices, resulting in generations of healthier, more empowered families and individuals in the communities FLC serves.
  3. Support youth and families to increase their awareness and good health self-efficacy as well as build physical fitness and healthy eating habits for life.
  4. Empower families to improve their daily behaviors by including nutritious food and regular exercise.
  5. Uplift entire communities by furnishing them with the tools they need to successfully access community resources like Boulder Food Rescue and other community organizations.

100% of FLC parents who participated in the Center’s physical fitness classes reported a significant increase in their mental health and overall well-being.
90% of FLC parents who participated in the Center’s Health and Wellness programs reported increased knowledge of nutrition, and healthier life style choices, including weight loss, healthy meals, and lowering stress levels.
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