Early Childhood Education

The Family Learning Center offers culturally competent early childhood education to 60 low-income children and their families five days a week.  Our program is among the highest quality in the state of Colorado, based on evaluations by the Boulder School District, the Colorado State Department of Education and NAEYC accreditation.  We provide quality literacy-based, multicultural, and bilingual preschool classes for children, full time childcare for their working parents that is affordable and accessible to everyone.  These children, on average, have made at least an 80% gain in literacy skills while in pre-school.



Youth Development After-School and Summer Programs

The Family Learning Center provides programs for activities for elementary, middle school and high school students intended to increase and improve high school options for low income, minority youth and to prepare these youth for success in college and in life.  One hundred fifty youth are served in these programs and all of the children started school with school supplies provided by FLC.  90% to 100% graduate from high school and 85% of its high school courses are available through partnership with Boulder Valley School District.  We are members of America’s Promise National Alliance and Colorado’s Alliance for After School Programs to ensure we stay abreast of the latest research-based best practices that improve and maintain quality.


Comprehensive Family Development

Our programs are research-based strategies designed to help build pathways for 150 low income families to increase their upward mobility.   This is accomplished through technology, education, career exploration, and referral services to workforce Boulder County.  We offer training programs as well as assistance with basic needs such as food and clothing, referral services for housing and health care and comprehensive family mentoring programs designed to give parents support to increase parent engagement and child advocacy.


Health and Wellness Education Program

The Family Learning Center’s Health and Wellness Education programs are designed to further assist and integrate comprehensive research-based nutritional and physical fintness activities into existing preschool, youth, and family programs.  The Family Leraning Center has long believed that race and income often predict health and education outcomes for youth and their families.  By providing additional health and wellness education programs for 150 families and their children we help them to address issues of obesity and other lifestyle illnesses.


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