The Family Learning Center

When we come together, we impact our students, we impact their families, we impact their futures. We empower families to change the world

Our Mission

"The Family Learning Center's (FLC) mission is to encourage successful lifelong learning, empowering families to attain educational and economic sustainability from early childhood to adulthood. Our goal is to develop impactful opportunities for families of diverse cultures and limited incomes. Our opportunities include STEM, early child development, school age and health and wellness programs where families and children thrive."

Our Vision

"The Family Learning Center envisions a world where families have the resources they need to raise healthy, educated, compassionate children who thrive, become productive adults and transform our world to be a better place for all."

This Is How We Measure Success !

0 % of our pre-school students graduate from high school
0 % enrollment into post secondary college and or training
0 % of the students completed post-secondary education and achieved employment

Who We Serve

We believe that family and a supportive community offer the best framework for healthy development of children and families. Our programs emphasize healthy social, academic, civic and ethical development of children and families, and we strive for a culture that values education, self-reliance and community service.

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"Because of my participation in the Family Learning Center's programs, I received SAT training, help in filling out college and scholarship applications and help with completing my college essay. The Family Learning Center's program and staff helped me to believe in myself and to accomplish my goals."

David G.

"The Family Learning Center and the staff helped me to turn my life around, they helped me to finish my classes so that I could be the first person in my family to graduate from high school. Now I am working with friends in starting a new restaurant in Boulder and none of this would have been possible without FLC's belief in me."

Benny B.

"Coming from a family that really struggled financially, they were not able to afford to pay for SAT prep classes for me or help with tutors needed to get good grades. But at FLC I got helped with my SAT and with my homework. I would not have graduated or gotten accepted into college with the help of the Family Learning Center."

Jasmine C.

"As a widowed mother of six children I and my children would not have made it without help from the Family Learning Center. They provided day care for my smaller children and after school programs for my older children. They helped us with food and other support services. We will always be grateful for everyone at the Family Learning Center."

Sarah S.

"The Family Learning Center's exercise classes have really helped me to better manage my stress and keep my weight down. I would not be able to afford private classes, not to mentioned to get there and to pay for daycare. I can walk to FLC from my house and I can bring my children."

Manuela C.

"The Family Learning Center helped me to be a better parent. They helped me to provide food, educational opportunities and just about any resource we needed to have a strong family. The staff was always willing to help. We have four children, and they all went through the FLC programs. We have two kids who graduated from a four-year college and two went on to community college. They all have good jobs and are good people. We owe a lot of their success to the Family Learning Center."

  • David G.
  • Benny B.
  • Jasmine C.
  • Sarah S.
  • Manuela C.
  • Joyce

Our Programs

The Family Learning Center is an inclusive community where children and families of all races and all walks of life are welcomed. Trust, mutual respect, and dignity are fundamental beliefs that are reflected in our organization’s behavior and actions. Accountability for diversity drives our success.

Meet Our Team

Helping to achieve success at FLC

Brenda Lyle
Founder, Executive Director
L'Shawn Howard
Assistant Director
Eileen Malloy
Jamathan Lyle
Middle School Director
Caitlyn Lauchner
Elementary Coordinator
Pilar Aguilar
Family and Literacy Outreach Director
Ruthie Chavez
Manuela De La Cruz
Preschool Teacher
Monica Ibarra
Pre-Kindergarten Director
Vanessa Garcia
Afterschool Program Assistant
Romana Thomas
Preschool Director
Michael Chavez
Maintenance Supervisor
Margarita Fernandez

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