Spreading success – Bring the family along

Our programs implement the latest research based strategies designed to help build pathways for 150 low-income families to have increased upward mobility.   This is accomplished by offering access to computers and technology, education, career exploration, and referral services to workforce Boulder County.  We offer training programs, assistance with basic needs such as food and clothing, referral services for housing and healthy care and comprehensive family mentoring programs designed to give parents support to increase parent engagement and child advocacy.



Building Strength and self confidence through quality education

We provide our children, from pre-school through high-school, with a wide range of bi-lingual educational activities and opportunities.  In an environment that is safe and nurturing, we help foster positive attitudes, and instill self-confidence for success.  Our programs are designed to excite curiosity and build their enthusiasm for learning.   We partner with Boulder County and the Colorado Education System to ensure our students meet graduation requirements, and are extremely proud that 95% of our student’s graduate from high school.




One community – Our space is your space

The Family Learning Center is a member of the community we serve. We proudly serve all of Boulder County.  We open our doors for family celebrations and gatherings.  We provide facilities for community cultural and educational activities.  We are at the heart of the community.
Additionally, we work closely with other non-profit organizations, such as the Boulder Police Annex, the Boulder Valley School District, SIT teams, bilingual reading education, and summer programs.  This ensures our students and their families have access to all the opportunities that Boulder
County can offer them.